Erosion Control Blanket Installation

Erosion Control Blanket Supply and Installation

Aussie Erosion can supply and install the following types of Erosion Control Blankets; Jute Mesh, Jute Mat, Coir Mesh and Geofabric / Bidim.

Jute Mesh and Jute Matting

Aussie Erosion install these varieties of erosion control blankets on embankments and batters. Jute Mesh is a biodegradable open weave mesh suitable for short term erosion protection. While Jute Matting is commonly used to protect soils in areas exposed to wind or heavy rainfall.

Coir Mesh Erosion Control Blanket

Coir Mesh is an open weave geotextile made from 100% natural coconut fibre. When installed, it is blanketed over an embankment to prevent erosion as well as allow for vegetation to grow through the weave.

Geofabric / Bidim

Geofabric or Bidim is a non woven porous material made of non-biodegradable material. Aussie Erosion install this product predominantly on slopes that have weak soil to provide strength. The product is then secured with retaining pins.