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Silt Curtain Installation

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Silt Curtains are floating marine barriers that prevent silt from spreading throughout waterways.
Silt Curtains are used for dredging, excavation, piling operations, rock walling and other marine construction activities.
Our Silt Curtains come in 2 different classes. Class 1, available with 1m skirts or 2m skirts or Class 2 available from 1m up to 6m skirts.


Flotation consists of high density closed cell, polyethylene foam. These floats are crumble resistant and oil resistant, ensuring continued flotation. Depending on the scope of the project, we would recommend the use of the following flotations:

  • 100mm x 50mm flotation (class 1, non tidal areas)
  • 100mm x 100mm flotation (class 2, for tidal areas)


All Aussie Erosion Silt Curtains are constructed using a 270gsm geotextile fabric, but can be customised to site and customer requirements. The depth of silt curtain skirt is based on the information provided in the specifications and should take into account the fluctuation in tidal levels. A rule of thumb the depth of the curtain should be sufficient to create an adequate silt barrier in the conditions whilst leaving sufficient water beneath the curtain to allow the passage of marine life. We suggest a minimum gap of 500mm during low tide

Bottom Ballast

Aussie Erosion Silt Curtains are held in position by a galvanised chain along the length of the curtain. This ballast is sewn into a chain pocket at the base of the curtain during the manufacturing process.

Strength Webbing

Seat belt webbing will be installed along each section of the curtain. One on the top of the float, one directly below the float and, for large curtains, one between the bottom ballast and skirt. The webbing will assist in supporting the forces placed on the curtain.


Aussie Erosion Silt Curtains (class 2) are connected using specially moulded aluminium connectors to attach the float section of the curtain. These connectors provide strength and durability in the water. For offshore conditions the option exists for heavy duty moulded connectors to add strength. Heavy duty marine zipper is utilised to connect the lengths of the skirt which allows for identical sections of curtain to be replaced if necessary. Bow shackles will be used to ensure the connection of curtains ballast chains.

Anchor Points

Attachment points are present on all aluminium connectors via stainless steel eye nuts and furnished with a galvanised steel chain, attached with a bow shackle on one side of the skirt.

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