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tractor seeding
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Tractor Seeding / Grass Slashing

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Aussie Erosion supply it’s quality tractor services including, seeding, raking, fertiliser spreading, and grass slashing to a wide customer base throughout South East Queensland. Our experienced operator is based on the Sunshine Coast and can provide the right solution to your specific needs.

Our tractor is a robust Turbo Charged 90hp John Deer 5820, able to tackle some of the toughest grounds yet nimble enough to slash steep terrain.

Our range of tractor attachments allows us to prepare various soils types for seeding and cultivation.

  • Tynes – Used for shallow ripping 100mm or deep ripping 400mm to break up hard compacted soils.
  • 81 Inch Howard Rotary Hoe – Used to improve soil structure by breaking up existing ground, improves aeration, allows ameliorants (fertilisers/soil improvers) to mixed throughout the soil profile.
  • Heavy Duty Stick Rake – Used for site clean up’s, wind rowing of stick’s, debris and scarifying of soil.
  • Broad Acre Seeder –  Kuhn twin spinner 1 tonne hopper seeder/fertiliser spreader.
  • Harrows- Used to cover seed, rake break up light soils, and great as a finishing tool.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Slasher- 6 foot Superior Slasher, used to slash bush regrowth aswell as long grass, able to cut down to 50mm height.

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